8×8 Dot Matrix Display Complete

TL/DR – see bottom

So I spent several hours trying to figure out why the display acted strange when using the Arduino Libraries.  and Ultimately determined it was the ShiftOut function.  I will be replacing its use with the pure AVR version.  Fully functional and clearly documented.

PIC implementation will be coming at a future date.

I plan to build a simple program (*NIX & win32) to make creating fonts easier.  and for anyone who did not read the previous posts, see below the media.

Please feel free to provide feedback.

(also thank you to robert for the kicad model)


8×8 led matrix schematic


I was in a conversation with my uncle David about a usable font engine for led displays.  And i thought something easily expandable. I took some inspiration from my old C64 ASM days and made a simple enough vertical raster engine.  this is the demonstration code, not the full expandable class which I will post later once I sort out the issues with the Arduino ShiftOut.  I’m positive the code could use a TON of optimisation and improvement which will all occur before I call the final class complete, who am I kidding.  anyone who knows me knows I’ll never be done with it.  there will always be things to improve and ways to make it better.  I wouldnt be shocked at all if this ends up as a pure ASM implementation at some point.


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