Wheres my Post

Well.  this week went sideways fast.  due to weather issues (5+ CM of solid ice over everything due to freezing rain) my work has been behind.  And of course things snowball.  so now here we are.  the Atari is NOT completed, the post did NOT go out on time and you’re getting another apology from me.  the Atari is STUPIDLY close to complete, the amplifier board has been assembled on prototyping board, the old RF modulator can has been removed, and to add to the cake I changed out the DC power jack because who uses a headphone style power plug anymore?  I will be getting final wiring and assembly done this week and an extra post up to properly cover the entire project.  But while you all patiently wait, I wanted to ask a question of the 3-5 people that actually read these.  are you good with this blog style or should I learn how to actually edit video and start YouTubing my projects?

comments/feedback below, and as always.  Don’t forget your towel!