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8×8 LED Display Update 1

So, a bit of work here and there, and I determined I needed to sort some minor efficiency issues which were causing a massive flicker.  I changed to a custom NON-blocking delay which resolved the issue, however It’s still not rendering quite right.  Debugging tells me that the lookup seem to be right and appear to be returning the proper value for the field, but when rendering it gets garbled somehow.  A little more debugging and I think it will be good for release.


8×8 LED Display Driver

So for one of my recent projects I was asked by a fellow hardware developer to make a “raster” font engine for an 8×8 LED display  this is only setup for a single colour display and is dependent on a pair of shift registers.  this initial upload of Version 1.0.1 compiles and should work, but I’m still waiting on the time to wire it up and do some actual testing.

The code is designed to work with AVR or Arduino and is thoroughly documented, but there will be updates as I test it out and sort out issues.  I’ll also be adding a schematic and a font builder to make life a lot easier.

Future plans for this code is to allow multiple fonts and a LOT of optimization.  As always feedback, suggestions and such are welcome.

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Update:  So some massive changes are needed when going from theory to practice on this code.  I removed it from this post while I update and correct some of the bigger issues.  I will be posting a NEW post with the updated includes/Library as well as AVR & Arduino based examples, pictures, schematics, etc.  Please keep watching